Published: 15th August 2011
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For many people there are many different types of clothes that they can wear so when you are a clothes importer. Itís very important to choose your best supplier.

The best supplier is?

The best supplier needs some main functions such as: competitive price, good quality and good services. They are very important in business and all exporters always notice. After finding information about their products, importers will notice the price as the next look, and then is others information.

Nowadays, there are a lot of exporters in different states all over the world; however there are some specialists such as: Vietnamese, Chinese, turkey, Cambodia, Thailand, and so on.

These days shoppers in the world try to avoid paying the full retail price for products they purchase so they look for ways to buy what they want or need at discounted prices. The same goes for Vietnamese clothes shoppers like others in different countries prefer to buy clothes at HATHANH IEC JSC-GARMENTS- a garment processing manufacture in Vietnam. This manufacture produces a lot different kinds of clothing for men, women, and children. They are called the biggest markets in common society so itís necessary to know and the question here is why?

It's because all buyers want big sales and a fast turnover of their products. Brisk sales mean that buyers will be able to get their investment back plus their profits much more quickly. The likelihood that the clothes they sell will go out of style before they can sell them will also be minimized.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind about the 3 different markets that buyers and suppliers can target:

1. Men's Clothes

Most men are conservative in their choice of clothes. You will notice that the style in men's clothes hardly changes. From time to time, you may notice that certain colors or prints are preferred, but most of the time you can count on men buying almost the same colors and styles of shirts and pants or T shirt

2. Women's Clothes

When it comes to clothes, women are the complete opposite of men. Women prefer clothes that are the latest in fashion. If you sell women's clothing, you have to be sure that your products are stylish, otherwise you will find it difficult to make a sale. However, classic styles and colors are also sought by women, so you must also have them available. Dresses (wedding dress, party dress, fancy dress,Ö) skirts, tops, pants, jeans, tank top, and shorts are clothes that you must have for women.

3. Children's Clothes

Clothes for children include shorts, dresses, jeans, t-shirts, blouses, etc. They must be comfortable and durable. Children's clothes do not change in style that much, although certain designs like cartoon and movie characters may become fashionable at one time or another.

In addition that customers also care about kinds of nightwear such as: men pyjama, women pyjama, evening dress for women

So when choose an export, you should choose a manufacture which can supply to you a lot difficult kinds. Itís easy to make contract and have a good and stable relationship in business.

To know more about vietnamís garments processing market you can look at our website some minutes to have more information:

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